Take your riding and kite-IQ to the next level!

·Unhooked riding
·Unhooked jumps
·Grabs and Board-offs 
·Riding Blind
·Loops and Rotations
·Strapless riding
·Powered and sent jumps
·Air transitions
Camp will be tailored to those who sign up.
Fill out sign up sheet so we may customize the camp for you!

Video w deep water instruction-vessel assisted format. Afterparty w video review. Instruction and organization by IKO level 2 instructors.

Date: Sat. Sept 25 
Time: 1-5pm
Place: Seal Beach    
Price: $200

See video of last camp here
Limited space reserve your spot!

Camp Head Instructor Matt Sweeting:    
“I have spent the past 10 years traveling the globe, riding world class spots and coaching water sports at all levels as well as improving my qualifications and riding styles. Although my passion is to free ride, I have competed in The Red Bull Bintan Kite Event 2006 (gaining second place) as well as the BKSA amateurs event in Brighton 2005 (gaining a combined fifth place).”

Email Us - we are collecting names for another camp!

Date: Sat. Sept 25 
Time: 1-5pm
Place: Seal Beach    
Price: $200

Advanced Kiteboarding Day Camps 

"Life is short!  What are you waiting for???"

Matt SweetingBart Miller
This Camp is Over, thank you to those who helped and participated.

Special thanks to my friend Julian who provided the yacht.  Send an email to get on the interest list for the next camp!


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