Puerto Rico 

Kitelife and Nitelife!  Puerto Rico is known as "Maui of the Caribbean". Why? Warm, waves, and natural beauty. So much to do and see. But Puerto Rico has more!!!  it is also packed with nightlife! Easy travel with no passport, no customs, cell phones are not even roaming. Just call! The flair of spanish language, but english is spoken. The old fort, city, and cobblestone streets are like a fine stop in Europe, with all the upscale shops packed into the narrow streets with colorful colonial buildings. The USA has but one rainforest and it is here, along with other parks of great beauty for hiking and exploring, including caves and bioluminescent waters.  Snorking and diving in clear waters and kiting in flat water by the mangroves is all open to explore. Surfing is world class, and wave kiting as well as flat water and sandy shallow learning areas. We also will be offering boat support for students to learn the most safe and efficient way possible.  Kite right out front of your 5 star hotel or boutique beach bungalow! Salsa Dancing, Casinos, and Night Clubs are after-dining options for those who have recharged after their day filled with kiting and other adventures.  See Video, wind report, and travel info below.

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Flight info: LAX to San Juan from $318 RT, try Jet Blue weekdays redeye or American Airlines weekends.  Lots of flights so its competitive on price and you won't get stuck.  Plan on one stop for an hour or more so total flight time 8 hrs + from LAX.  Kite spot is just a couple miles from the airport.  Try to get a place in Isla Verde or Ocean Park.   

​Kite Info Below! Scroll Down.

General Activity Info:
Surfing: World Class Reef Breaks in Kite Spot and all over the Island! Try Rincon or Isabela.
Paddleboarding lessons/rentals (787) 225-7361 Art 
Paddleboarding women's groups/yoga/rentals/tours  puertoricopaddleboardtours.com 
Snorkling and Diving: Amazing Diving in Kitespot and all over PR.
Biking Los Pinones: Rent bikes $5/hr and cruise the beautiful coast stop for a cold coconut!
Hiking/Caving/Ziplining adventures in the rainforest/Caves and Mountains: Acampa PR.
Campo Rico Ziplining Adventure 5 ziplines! Only 5 minutes away from San Juan! $139.
General info on PR: www.newcomerspr.com/resources/NicetoKnowExcerptsPDF.pdf

Utuado for Batey Ziplining - absolutely awesome experience. The 1/2 day classic tour which included some hiking (not much), 6 ziplines, 1 cliff rappel and a boat trip through caves, some swimming at the end.
Nearby Camuy Caves is an amazing tour, and see the worlds largest radio telescope as featured in the Movie Contact with Jodie Foster. It's the only telescope that can see asteroids before they smash into earth, and it also has unlimited texting plan with ET, as it sends out signals to find intelligent life in our universe.

For something really cool also near Utuado find Lagos de Dos Bocas (lake with 2 mouths) and take a free boat ride to various lakeside restaurants for dining on the water to local cuisine.

Cueva de la Ventana (or the window cave) is a very short hike on a jeep trail to amazing caves that are off the tourist trail.  We just saw one other group here even though it was a weekend. Travel through caves with large frogs and squeaking bats clinging to the high ceilings until reaching the "Window", an amazing view hundreds of feet over the river valley below.

Visit Cabo Rojo lighthouse for amazing views at the far end of the island. Next to sucio beach is one of the most beautiful beach coves on the island. 

Ponce is famous for the carnival, which is more of a family parade than a raging party, but a great place to be during the carnival. The holiday inn here is not very puerto rican but a good place to recharge and has a casino.

If you want a wild part then come mid january to the festival of san sebastian were the entire walled old city of san juan is jammed with people and live music.   Super fun if you have  strong bladder and like  good mosh pit.

Day trips to Culebra and Vieques islands via the ferry are highly recommended. Culebra tour by bike or by golf cart. Vieques take a cab or rent a jeep and buy a cooler to chill around. Vieques has the best bio-luminescent bay if you can stay overnight don't miss it. Both great kiting if windy.

Biobays are a big attraction here, and Puerto Ricans will tell you that the world has just 5 and 3 are in Puerto Rico.  Not sure about those numbers but you can see the biolume from a kayak or boat at La Parguera, and by Kayak in Farjardo near El Con Resort.  Kayak through a Mangrove tunnel at night with Coqui frogs singing as you pass into a lake of glowing water.  Not to miss.

In Farjado also catch charters like Fun Cats snokel trips for $69/day see and sometimes touch the giant Manatee while snokeling printine islands.

Food here is Churrasco with Mofongo. Drink is Don Q Rum and Coke. Beer is Medalla. Gringos Look out for El Chillo, the Red Snapper!

Other ideas see Day Trips Puerto Rico

Kitespots of Puerto Rico!

The wind and waves in Puerto Rico vary. Basically there is an outside reef in many areas that works like a breakwall keeping it fairly flat inside. If the swell is up then riding the reef swell is best and if the swell is down it can be flat inside.  Wind varied too from 12-20 so prepare for this.

Ocean Park Kitespot in San Juan:

Tres Palmas Inn is right on a kite spot
Kitespot boutique hotel uvva hosteria del Mar is one a favorite for kitespot with bar and bikinis. run by Lois, and is a great european style beach boutique hotel with bar and restuarant on a popular locals beach. 
Numero Uno is on the kitespot Ocean Park with Pamela's Beach dining. 

Isla Verde Kitespot in San Juan:

The Beach House Hotel is casual Motel with south beach style Cafe La Plage and Kiteschool 15 Knots located at Hotel. 4851 Isla Verde Ave Carolina, PR 00979
Borinquen Beach Inn is affordable Motel as right on beach walk to everything or rent a car across the street at Charlie's Car Rental
Howard Johnson's is another option but you have to walk across the street to kitespot.
The famous El San Juan Hotel is a great upscale choice and if you don't stay here then definitely drop in free on Sat night to see the show as live salsa in the amazing lobby leaves you feeling like you are in old Cuba. Casino and Dance Club Bravo also inside this amazing place. 
Next door is the Intercontinental, also a good upscale choice for kiting.
The Ritz Carlton and Marriott are just too far to walk for kiting but have a nice surfing and rentals at pine grove beach.

Near San Juan:

There are some flatwater spots near San Juan to the East, some are shallow reef and need booties but some is sandy. El Balenario is close but can be gusty unless wind is coming a bit from North.  Las Picuas and El Chorro are 20 minutes away, and Rio Grande can be kited from Hotel Rio Mar Resort.  Gran Melia is hard to access unless you are staying there. 

Las Picuas is and incredible flat water spot. Check for high tide when going, any direction of winds except southwest. Beginner to advance level riders Highly recommend water shoes as a beginner not necessarily for advance level riders. Water depth ranges from a few inches to 3 feet deep.

Dorado Kitespot:

20 miles West of San Juan is Dorado city and a upscale golf communities. Ritz in Dorado Beach is a glam golf resort and the facility is first class with a full retail shop, jetskis, catamarans, boats, surf and snorkle lessons and rentals. The beach is pristine and exclusive. Public access possible or come thru the hotel gate and ask to find the watersports. This hotel is $1500-$2000 per night so try the nearby embassy suites or better yet condos at golden sands dorado for about $100 per night.  You can get around the Ritz by going to the Dorado Ballenario (public beach) at get free access to this pristine spot. Just don't go way downwind as you will find yourself in the coral.

Isabella Kitespot:

On the Northwest, advanced Kiting in Isabella area at jobos or shacks for waveriding. I recommend staying at Parador Villa del Mar Hua its an amazing collection of beach cottages on the water at a kitespot where a big rock blocks the waves, for this reason called montones (mountains) beach. 


If you go east then visit or stay at the high end Conquistador resort with private kite island in Palomino, this is 30 mins outside San Juan. Its right next to the kayaking into the biolumenscent biobay. $45 put priceless experience on a moonless or cloudy night.   Try eating after at La Estacion.  There is a free ferry available only to the hotel and while not always windy if you catch this sandy spit to kite it will be a lifelong memory.

La Parguera kitespot:

Southwest is flat water and mangroves, really a fishing and diving paradise.  Seems more like a lake than an ocean. At La Parguera for $25/hr you can rent 7 person boats from (Torres who also has a guest house) with outboards to self tour the mangroves in the clear water where you will see brightly colored starfish on the bottom and fish on the reef. If it is windy just anchor and that is your kitespot!   Or if not windy then take the boat to visit a primitive island and go native. Also this is where the dive of la pared (the wall) drops deep into the ocean a must do for divers. While touted as a great kite spot it is rarely windy here. I recommend Villa Parguera to stay.  

Nearby at Guanica go to Guilligan's Island to take the ferry to a snokeling wonder, the current will circle the mangroves like a waterpark and you are floating along seeing the fish go by.  This is a must do on a lazy day. Arrive before 11 on weekends and bring a cooler as no services once you ferry to the island.

Ponce to Yabacoa Kitespots:

The Southeast of the island is rarely visited but there is some great kiting possible here, just think camping not bikini's and beach bars.  Ponce has some spots and there is a Holiday Inn on the hill which feels more like the USA than PR. The windiest windalert spot on the island is Las Mareas which is just a beach parking lot next to a big Texaco refinery, but no reef and safe riding. Then wind up east to Yabacoa to find more sandy beaches with wind. This is the road less travelled for sure.


On the West Coast lies the area called Rincon. Since the televised world championship of surfing in the 60's inspired surf bums from California and around the world to migrate to Rincon, it has become more of a California Beach City than Puerto Rico.  Expect to not hear Buenos Dias, but instead "Dude". As this side gets winter swells and the trade winds from the East are largely blocked, its all day clean surf that rarely gets blown out. That said don't plan on kiting here but do check it out.  


Self downwinders are possible in San Juan from Los Pinones to Balenario to Pine Grove ( the Marriott ) to Beach Hotel Isla Verde and around the point of Punta Las Marias (shallow stay outside at point) to Parque Barbosa and "last Trolley stop" to Hosteria Del Mar Ocean Park to lower ocean Park at Numero Uno guest House.  If you pass this point you are going to kite past the Old Fort which is a major journey and you cannot land anywhere you must go all the way across the San Juan Harbor entrance to the Leper Island by Catano.  Not recommending this.  The easiest would be Isla Verde to Ocean Park. Start there till you get the idea and make sure you have enough wind to clear Punta Las Marias.

Kiteschools / Shops:

Kite repair www.watermankiterepair.com Mike Poland (787) 234-8186. Super Cool and Fair.
Juan Carlos Morales - 15Knots Kiteschool (at the Beachhouse), Isla Verde/San Juan - Cabrinha - 787-215-5667
KitesurfPR also known as Goodwinds in Dorado
Jay Regis - Islasurf, Dorado - Naish - 787-370-3333
Xavier Lay- K2O watersports now has a cool kiteshop/cafe by beach in ocean park - Naish
Luis Mendoza - Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Club, La Parguera - Slngshot - 787-646-7777
Orlando de Jesus - Vega Baja - Ocean Rodeo - 787-360-6068
Pedro Rodriguez - Kiteboarding Puerto Rico  Isla Verde - F-ONE, Liquid Force - 787-374-5329
Eric Sanchez - Mayagüez - Wainman - 787-464-1950
Daniel Alvarez - San Juan - Wainman - 787-246-9071
Eduardo Almodovar - Caribbean Kitesurfing, Toa Baja - (Best)- 787-384-7404

Here are some photos of fellow instuctors and friends kiting in PR. http://www.katinaarnott.com/store/prkitedays/

See Map Below all this beach near airport is kite area, includes Isla Verde on right, Punta Las Marias is the center point, and Ocean Park on the left. Dotted line points to 15 Knots Kiteschool.


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